About Us

Get more exposure on a new Yellow Page website. An experimental yellow pages that allow business owners to show their diverse cultural heritage. America is made up of all the countries in the world and MultiCulturalYP.com will showcase that diversity. Celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of all ethnic backgrounds. You are a business owner with all ancestors in the US for 100+ years? Then simply choose the American flag knowing you are probably made up of many cultures.

  • Searching for an authentic Mexican restaurant? It is nice to know the owners have a Mexican background and that the food will be close to what you would find in Mexico.
  • What to visit a Greek restaurant? You may prefer a business that is owned by someone of Greek decent and know how to prepare a truly Greek meal.
  • You and your buddies what to go drinking in a New York City Irish bar? Pick one that is owned by an Irishman!